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Mainers, statewide, we need you!

We won’t overwhelm you with calls, or request help from you regarding an area of interest you’ve not indicated (though you can update your areas of interest at any time). It’s okay to decline a request after hearing specifics though we trust you will follow through in a timely way—or find a responsible person to take over for you—if you’ve already made a commitment to an animal. MFEO core supporters will be on call to counsel and encourage.

After completing this form, please print out and send to the address below.

Check off any/many of the following opportunities . . .


Help folks co-create their own best solutions. This brainstorming opportunity is perfect for individuals who come up with ideas, lickety-split, and are glad to follow through until a challenge resolves. We have resources to help you.


     a dog (  
  a    (   ) in the animal’s home during a guardian’s brief hospital stay.
     (   ) during a guardian’s brief hospital stay. Both services, much needed.
Walk a dog for someone who’s incapacitated.
Drive an animal/animal and human companion to the vet.
Comb/brush/detangle or ( in the animal’s home. Many elderly people suffer from arthritis in their fingers and despair seeing their animal friends unkempt.
Spend time with an ill, dying, grief-stricken dog or cat in your community whose guardians are away much of the day.
Search your community (friends, family, acquaintances, church/club members) for help for a cat or dog in need.
Help shelter animals so they may be happier and therefore more adoptable.
Speak up for neglected or abused animals in your neighborhood. We have resources to inspire confidence and assist you in specific, practical ways.

Sponsor An Animal For Life if you can't adopt, yourself. Many people are more than ready. They have the passion for it as well as a good home waiting; only lack of funds stops them. In sponsored situations, the adopter presents annotated receipts to the Sponsor, who reimburses immediately, understanding that the Adopter needs the reimbursement to continue to care for the animal in his/her home or homestead. If an animal needs veterinary care, payment is made directly to the veterinarian, arrangements agreed upon in advance so all goes smoothly.  In the event of a sponsor's death, there are provisions in a will for continued support so a sponsored animal remains safe. There are also provisions made should an adopter die or become incapacitated.
What an opportunity for Sponsor, Adopter . . . and Animal!
Win. WIN. WIN!!


Pledge to sponsor an animal throughout a medical crisis, payment made directly to a veterinarian.

Donate directly to MFEO. (See address below.) Donations help provide for: less critical medical needs, of which there are many (e.g. euthanasia expenses, spay/neuter charges, shots, x-rays, to name only a few), vet boarding fees following surgery and other procedures, supplemental support for fostered dogs and cats—when needed—so fostering does not become too great a burden, gas money, when needed, for volunteer drivers—and more. . .

May we call you about any MFEO need?  (You can always say no.)
May we make your phone number and email address available to other MFEO supporters so assistance can be streamlined? (Your information will not be given/rented/sold to other lists.)

Something you'd like us to know?

Questions?  Call maggie:(207) 266-7673       

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After completing this form, please print out and send to the address below.


Help end cycles of suffering. Urge friends/family/acquaintances to spay/neuter their dogs and cats. Remember to support your local shelter!

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