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Caring in Remembered Ways (Heartsong Books, 1999)

"Pure nourishment for the heart."
- Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit

"I love this book. It's a spiritual healing that will help caregivers as much as the people they care for."
- Gary Barg, publisher/editor-in-chief, Today's Caregiver Magazine

"An inspiring collection of anecdotes and meditations on the art of tender mercies. As much for caregetters as caregivers. . . . A reminder of the wonders of interconnection."
- Jon Wilson, publisher/editor-in-chief, Hope magazine

"A montage that is as masterful as it is memorable . . . captures beautifully, the power—and poignancy—of caring."
-Karen Davie, president, National Hospice Organization

"Maggie Steincrohn Davis is a gift to the world. How she has come to tread through life so supportingly and so gently amazes us all - especially those who have had the experience of sharing her thoughts is this caressing book CARING IN REMEMBERED WAYS: THE FRUIT OF SEEING DEEPLY. Attempting to 'review' this book seems in many ways absurd, for how can anyone write these thoughts she shares so abundantly and quietly any better than she? But often the hope of a review is to encourage others who may not know about a book to notice, take the time to place it in the personal library, and read if very often.

It would be a pleasure to quote passages from every section of this book to truly share the magic Davis weaves. But she says so much in her introduction - words that are repeatedly bourne out on every page of the book - that it seems a sensible place to start. 'Caring in remembered ways is a caring in ways the heart knows and the world longs for. It is being all we are for the sake of all of us, moving beyond courtesy and kindness and empathy to the living compassion - the fruit of seeing deeply - that enlivens all the rest.'

Part of the important message of these pages is to care for ourselves, nurturing our own souls so that we are available to our fellowmen. She offers conversations and situations in which in a matter of a few words she explains how listening with our whole being, free of judgment, free of body language while the one beside us is sharing, free of offering solutions - how simply listening with compassion can alter the needy person's life and in turn provide a sense of rightness that permeates our own minds and hearts. Her examples will find memory ties in all of us - situations that mimic periods of experience we have encountered and sometimes, even, we have truly been there for someone who needed caring - and she suggests how we can enter a person's sphere of need and provide the caring ear and support that seems to have vanished from this chaotic world we now inhabit.

In a time when the quality of the word 'heart' has been so vulgarized Davis reminds us of what HEART really is. It is the font from which we can be still, be thoughtful, and be wholly present, the place where these means of truly caring originate and grow. The heart is compassion. This reader has found so much solace in these pages, but more important, Davis has the kind gift to awaken forgotten moments of what it means to be a caring being. Read this from the earth book and you will be looking for Davis' wings...."
-Grady Harp, Hall of Fame, Top 100 Reviewer on (five star review)

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Glory! to the Flowers (Heartsong Books, 1995)

"Here is a book that shines as brightly as the flowers it praises. Plant this book in the garden of your soul."
- Patricia Kaminski, co-director of the Flower Essence Society

"This vibrant, reverent book sings us humans awake. It is a gift in these times when so many fail to truly smell the flowers."
- Deb Soule, author of The Roots of Healing: A Woman's Book of Herbs

"This book is meant for children, but would equally delight any herbalist whose passion for plants is clearly in tune."
- Robyn Klein, American Herbalists Guild

"When I sit down in a quiet place and read this book, it is a song to my soul."
-Hilary Hawks (age 11), from her review in Creation Spirituality Network Magazine

"A stunning book. One can never again merely 'look at' flowers."
-Cherie Mason, author of Wild Fox— winner of the 1993 Lupine Award

"A beautiful celebration of flowers for young and old to share."
-Heather McCargo, New England Wild Flower Society

"The book is full of beauty, truth and goodness . . . Thank you for your lovely contribution to making the world a better place."
-Brigitte Mars, herbalist

Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope (Heartsong Books, 1993)

"A beautiful book, both to hold and look at—and especially in its spirit."
- Howard Zinn, author of People's History of the United States

"In its simplicity and directness, this book provides a profound education in the way of peace. It evokes the changes we all need to embrace to become peacemakers."
- Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing

"Written in the spirit of Albert Schweitzer's principle of 'Reverence for Life', Roots of Peace will be an inspiration to many who aspire to such an ethic in their own lives."
-Howard E. Robles, founder and president of Albert Schweitzer's Institute for the Humanities

"Roots of Peace needs to be in the schools. What a timely, important message for children and adults, too, who have been brought up in this society. This is a book for every young person, parent and teacher."
-Ann Rush, co-founder, Peace Pilgrim Center

"The best course on right living for children in print . . . Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope is a great healing and lives its titles' promise."
- Jeannine Parvati, author of Hygieia: A Woman's Herbal

"A difficult story told with great sensitivity—one that we as well as our young people need to know. We hope Roots of Peace receives wide distribution."
-John Hoyt, Chief Executive of the Humane Society of the United States

"A beautiful book."
-Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of The Revelation

"I hope that many will read Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope and benefit from the wisdom there. The information contained in the writing should be known and understood by all persons, of whatever race."
-Ray Fadden, Mohawk elder, founder of the Six Nations Indian Museum

"Just as a great tree can grow from a single seed, this book reminds us that we must face the future with hope. Like that single step which begins the journey to the mountaintop, Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope is a book which starts us in the right direction."
-Joseph Bruchac, storyteller and writer

"Roots serves as a gently stirring guidepost on the path to peacemaking. Its message is full of love and wholeness and essential to those who consider themselves part of the Peace Movement."
-Lewis M. Randa, director of the Peace Abbey, an Interfaith Retreat Center for Peacemakers from around the world

"Roots of Peace is a very important book, not only for children and young people, but for all of us who read to them. It is a blessing to All-Our-Relations."
-Brooke Medicine Eagle, Earthkeeper, teacher, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

"Congratulations on a work of high art."
-Steven McFadden, author of Ancient Voices

"Beautifully written, passionate plea for a saner future."
-Kyriacos Markides, author of Fire in the Heart

"There should be more books like this."
- Jake Swamp, a traditional Chief of the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation

Choices of a Growing Woman (Heartsong Books, 1993 [formerly published by Acropolis Books, 1981])

"A sparkling gem, filled with wisdom - honest, personal. It asked all the right questions and touched me deeply."
- Nena O'Neill, author of Shifting Gears and The Marriage Premise

Kind words for Choices from some readers:

"I feel like maggie's speaking just to me."

"The book's honest."

"I keep Choices by my bed and open it anywhere to find something I need to hear for the day."

"This book has been a friend to me during hard times."

A Garden of Whales (Firefly Books [fomerly published by Camden House] 1993)

"This tale of deliverance unfurls in luscious prose that rolls trippingly off the tongue...a contemporary 'Kubla Khan' for kids."
—Publisher's Weekly, 5/3/93

"A beautiful new book...lyrical, mystical"
—Earth Island Journal, Summer 1993

"A young boy, fearful that whales are disappearing from the earth, imagines how they might be saved. His dreamlike solution is conveyed by a rhythmic text and lush illustrations that feature cavorting, majestically powerful whales. The poetic, somewhat surreal quality of the story is appealing."
—Copyright © 1993 The Horn Book, Inc.

The following books are out of print,
though you should be able to find them in your local library.


Something Magic (Simon & Schuster 1991)

"A beautiful intergenerational story."
—School Library Journal, 8/91

"Will...provide a thoughtful read-aloud at storyhours...most families...will want to have a copy of their own. The message is one that can be shared again and again."
—Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, 9/91

The Rinkydink Cafe (Simon & Schuster 1989)

"A wonderful concoction."
—School Library Journal, 3/89

Rickety Witch (Holiday House 1984)

"A gleeful fable."
—Publishers Weekly, 8/17/84

"A protagonist with personality to spare...A lively pick for Halloween."
—Booklist, 11/1/84

"A very delightful tale. Highly recommended."
—Catholic Library Association, 10/24/84

New York Times—Bookshelf additional titles of interest, 10/28/84

The Best Way to Ripton (Holiday House 1982)

A Junior Literary Guild Selection—Sept. '82

"Cheers for davis who gives readers a gloriously funny, original tale that rings like a ballad."
—Publishers Weekly, 9/24/82

"A zany tale...Top-drawer example of the craft of picture book production."
—School Library Journal—starred review

"A rollicking text."
—Hornbook, 2/82

Grandma's Secret Letter (Holiday House 1982)

"[John] Wallner's bewitching pictures...harmonize with davis's fantasy about a dainty but brave little girl and her extraordinary journey."
—Publishers Weekly, 4/16/82

"The story's whimsical ways find good expression in Wallner's soft crayon scenes...a nice blend of innocence and the fantastic—which is the essence of the story's appeal."
—Booklist, 4/15/82

Kind words for the Caring in Remembered Ways website


HOMESCHOOL TOP 5% WEBSITE AWARD " I just visited your page and think you are wonderful. As we say in Hawai'ian, Mahalo for doing such wonderful work and sending it out over the web. Your site is lovely as well as informative and I feel honored to be linked to it . . . thank you for bringing wonderful reading to the net."
—lesslie, Engaged Buddhist ~Dharma Page
"I visited your site and it is really lovely. It feels so light and bright. I'd be honored to have my site added to whatever link list you are creating."
—Joan Sotkin, Prosperity Place

"Your Web site looks great, and you boast a wonderful selection of links. We're honored to be among them."

—Jon Wilson, Hope Magazine
A Positive Place
Duster's Place
"I took a look at your site and liked it very much. It is wonderful."
—Veronica Hay, In Touch Magazine

". . . I finally got to visit your web site, and it's just lovely. Thank you for guiding me to it . . . I look forward to visiting again, and learning more about Heartsong."
Haemi Balgassi

"What a wonderful site. Congratulations."
Chosen for Children

"I visited your wonderful Web page and enjoyed it immensely. Your link page is fascinating. I will be spending more time there as soon as I can."

—Larry Rood, Gryphon House Books

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