Helping Animals Heal

old ~ ill ~ special needs ~ at-risk dogs

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says animal well-being consultant maggie davis:
“No matter the circumstances you and your animal companion(s) face together,
what seems impossible may not be impossible.


IF. . .

you wonder what your animal friend is trying to tell you and want to communicate with him or her in ways that foster respect and deep understanding


your friend is physically handicapped/suffers grief/ a severe or chronic illness/has been diagnosed with a terminal condition


you seek positive ways to help heal behaviorial challenges


you need dependable follow-through support during a crisis involving your friend


OR, due to troubles you believe you cannot withstand . . .

you are about to surrender – or return – your animal companion to a shelter


 let’s talk, if you’re moved to, and see what good can come. 


compassion    compassion    compassion    compassion    compassion


shelters ~ sanctuaries ~ your home or mine ~ from a distance

maggie is a Master Reiki Practitioner in the Usui tradition.
In Maine and far beyond it, she interweaves Reiki with other complementary paths to healing.
Each animal she serves receives tender, personalized care.
Her work is informed by study and experience.
Intuition and empathy are keynotes of that work.

“celebrating reverence for all life . . .”

maggie s davis 324 Grant Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605 · · 207.266.7673


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