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To Edward Bach, life was harmony.
A person lived in harmony by following the calling
of his or her own heart.

From Glory! to the Flowers:
"Glory! Glory!" we sing to the flowers.
"Here's to your wisdom, your color, your scent.
Sometimes we pick you—gently we do—
But just when we feel that you want us to.
Not a petal we'll pick till you want us to."

Days that we're restless and feeling undone,
We lie with the flowers. We talk with the flowers.
KaPinka LaLa. K'Li. K'lo.
Flowers help us feel better, we know.
Anywhere's home where the flowers grow.
Puddles in springtime where peepers come singing.
Skyscraper balconies. Dunes on the beach.
Mountainsides laced with traces of snow.
We're always home where the flowers grow.

From the author's note to Glory!:

Just as the little acorn knows how to grow to be the perfect oak tree, you, too, have all you need to be all you are.

Your work may be grand or simple. You may find it when you're young, or not until you're much, much older—and that's all right. Shine, always, in your own way. Stop no one else from shining.

One day, if you have children, teach them to be kind to every living thing. Help them, but don't try to make them be like you.

Dr. Bach was a friend to the flowers. You can be a friend to them, too. You don't have to know a flower's name to speak with it.

"Hello, Blue Flower!" you can think or say out loud. "You're beautiful!"
Or, "Good morning, Yellow Flower. I'm sad now. Please keep me company."

from Glory!:

"One day when I was young, and walking with a friend, a field dry as straw bloomed with flowers. "Oh, glory!" we breathed, my good friend and I, for the flowers blazed like suns and fire and rainbows. They sprang from folds between hillsides, peeked from pockets of shade. Spiraling - dancing - they followed us home..."

from Glory!'s author's note:

"Find work in your life that never bores you," Dr. Bach might say if you and he could meet. "Make sure your work is joy for you to do. Then do this work, no matter what. It is your gift to the world. It is your blessing to yourself."

Some say this is the Age of Flowers, that angels of the flowers dance in the meadows and glow in the woods we run through. They say each plant has its song, that each is glad to be told that it is beautiful. What harm can come if we believe this?

May we be good to plants and flowers. May we take fine care of the places where they grow. Earth won't have to shake and flood and burn so fiercely then. The world will be more wide-awake and tuneful, a place where children - all beings - can bloom."

Copyright © 1995 by maggie s davis. All Rights Reserved.

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