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photo of Cara Raymaker
meet  Cara Raymaker . . .

teenage illustrator of Glory! to the Flowers,
a full-color trade children's book

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Glory! to the Flowers

Written by maggie davis

Cara Raymaker was fourteen years old when she illustrated Glory! to the Flowers.
She may be the youngest illustrator of a full-color, trade children's book.

Glory! to the Flowers: A Celebration

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Cara Raymaker lives in Ellsworth, Maine. She says her art entertains her, that it transcends many worlds and offers comfort during difficult times. Cara has won honors for her work. She's illustrated a book featuring young writers, Writers of the Future. Glory! to the Flowers is the first children's book Cara has illustrated.

Cara says in her Glory to the Flowers bio note:

"I wish to emphasize how much of a good time I had, and am having, working with maggie, and how grateful I am for the opportunity. Getting started was difficult occasionally, but then almost effortless. (Pretty funny!)

"Working at maggie's cabin with flowers all around set the mood. All in all, there was a lot of brainstorming - the entire process felt like a dance.

"When other kids hear about my part in this book, I hope they become more open to possibilities in their own lives. I'd like to tell them to be totally fearless and true to themselves doing what they love to do."

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maggie says in her Glory! to the Flowers bio note:

"Cara appeared unexpectedly in my life. From the first, I knew she was a gift, and a gift she's continued to be.

"Every book I write is born with all art vividly ablaze in my mind's eye. Cara has understood this and welcomed input. She knows how many hats I wear as author, publisher and more. With unflagging momentum, she's steered the artwork course we've plotted - this, exquisite evidence of her bedrock confidence. No one, of any age, could have been more consistently responsible or encouraging.

"If I have any wish regarding how Cara has experienced our Glory! time together, I hope she felt she was flying free."

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