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maggie davis
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maggie davis is the author of over ten books for people of all ages, including Caring in Remembered Ways, Choices of a Growing Woman, A Garden of Whales, Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope , and Glory! to the Flowers (Read the Story-Behind-the-Story of Roots, Choices and Glory!). By donation, she is a well-being consultant for people and animals—also, co-founder, on her peninsula, of Neighborcare (since 1995)—a volunteer-run, joyful band of neighbors who, free-of-charge, are pleased to assist individuals of every circumstance who fall between the cracks of the health-care system. (This service embraces both neighborly spontaneity and exquisite mindfulness. It celebrates group work, as well as the individual who, to be of most benefit, must bloom truly by being all s/he is. Caregiving is offered in full consciousness that each act, large or small, born from a marriage of mind and heart in harmony, holds potential for universal good. People already volunteering independently know that by signing on they add their spirit to the core energy of the service, which in turn becomes magically more than the sum of its parts.) A fresh-hope Neighborcare program, Meant for Each Other (since 2010), provides wide-ranging assistance to animals whose families struggle to care for them and keep them. MFEO also serves animals in shelters and sanctuaries.

A recent and ongoing MFEO project is OPEN WIDE THE DOOR (OWTD), a smartphone conversation project featuring rescuers/fosterers/adopters who have welcomed in, to their hearts and home(stead), animals in need. Connect to OWTD and MFEO videos and podcasts from this website or from maggie's maggie s davis YouTube channel. There, additional videos and podcasts are featured. All celebrate animals and their caregivers, as well as compassion as a way of life.

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In years past, maggie has been a mediator, counselor, teacher, trainer, waitress, poet, editor, radio talk show host, co-owner/founder of a nationally-known concert-cafe, and wife, mother, and grandmother.

She has lived in the suburbs, in a motor home, on a houseboat, on a working farm, in a cottage by the sea. She now lives in Downeast Maine.

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"For over twenty years, I was published by others. Then, in 1993, I created a publishing company to express a burgeoning kinship vision. This all-embracing vision weaves throughout my books. (NOTE: At age fourteen, Cara Raymaker illustrated Glory! to the Flowers in my cabin while I wrote or made soup!)"

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Read excerpts from maggie's book, Caring in Remembered Ways, which celebrates compassion as a way of life.



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