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Caring in Remembered Ways...inspiring compassion as a way of life

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Meant For Each Other (MFEO). These are videos (born of the MFEO project). I created them to capture the heart and soul, not the fear and anxiety, of animals who aren't readily adoptable because they are old or ill or have special needs or act out—this, to help them find their perfect match.


maggie davis portrait photoSays maggie:

In 1993, after nearly twenty years of being published by others. I wanted the way I made my books and eased them into the world to reflect the kinship themes expressed on their pages (Caring in Remembered Ways: The Fruit of Seeing Deeply, for example). I hoped to add my voice to those who were as eager (more eager) to give back as they were to take in. Often, simple kindnesses are all we can offer a troubled world. Yet simple can be grand, and good enough - resounding in ways we can only begin to imagine.

The website evolves from these beginnings.

Helping Animals Heal


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bell's palsy stories--maggie and others speak of their challenges and victories re: bell's palsy

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A Garden of Whales

Follow a young boy's imagination as he dreams about the magnificent whales of the sea—and worries about their future. Young readers will be drawn into his quest to help the endangered whales and will delight in his fantastical plan to fill the sea with whales again. This unusual story celebrates the unity of the human and animal worlds.

Ask for A Garden of Whales in your local retail outlet.

Retail outlets, call Firefly Books directly. 1-800-387-5085



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I trust this website will help readers understand and respect the interconnectedness of all life and inspire them to act on that understanding in compassionate, powerful and celebratory ways - for the good of Earth and for the good of generations to come.

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Caring in
Remembered Ways

Caring in Remembered Ways cover
ISBN: 0-9638813-3-7

Introduction & Excerpts

"I will need to read and re-read Caring in Remembered Ways to truly appreciate maggie davis's observations and wisdom. Rarely has a book elicited in me such a wide range of emotion as did this one."
Pat Foster, Director/Ellsworth, Maine Public Library
"Pure nourishment
for the heart."

- Caroline Myss, Author / Anatomy of the Spirit

"I love this book. It's a spiritual healing."
- Gary Barg / Today's Caregiver Magazine
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Roots of Peace,
Seeds of Hope

Root of Peace, Seeds of Hope cover
ISBN: 0-9638813-0-2

"A profound education
in the way of peace."

- Matthew Fox

"A beautiful book - especially in its spirit."
- Howard Zinn / A People's History of The United States
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Choices of a Growing Woman

Choices of a Growing Woman cover
ISBN: 0-9638813-1-0

"A sparkling gem."
- Nena O'Neill
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Glory to the Flowers

Glory! to the Flowers cover
ISBN: 0-9638813-2-9

"Plant this book in the garden of your soul."
- Patricia Kaminski, Flower Essence Society

"A song to my soul."
- Hilary Hawks, age 11

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